When with the uniforms be available?
We are launching a pre-order opportunity immediately and hosting a couple of sizing fit pop-ups in April and May. Delivery dates will be scheduled ahead of the start of the 2020-2021 school year with opportunities to exchange in advance of the school year.

If I order now can I change the size nearer to when I pick up?
Yes. We want to do as much as we can to ensure that the uniforms are the right fit. We offer a hassle-free exchange for any unworn and unaltered items exchanged within 30 days of the pick up date. We will be having a couple of sizing pop ups as well as being at the annual spring uniform sale on May 12, and a limited amount of zero-waste uniforms will be available for pick-up that day. Visible is working with a Westridge parent taskforce to ensure that sizing is comparable to Mills’, but we recommend that you review the sizing charts provided by Visible for each product prior to preordering.

Does pre-ordering help me?
YES! We're offering $15 off a polo shirt if you order over $175 worth of uniforms by March 15th. Additionally, we'll give a scrunchie pack to the first 100 orders.

Does pre-ordering help you?
YES! We operate with a small batch production model, which means that preordering is actually a very important step in the zero-waste process. We avoid sitting on excess of unused finished products. In order to reduce our waste further, if we are able to produce in small batches we can intentionally layout the patterns to produce more usefully sized waste.

Which uniform items are available for purchase from Visible Clothing?
Families will be able to purchase white and khaki skirts, and khaki skorts, shorts, and pants from Visible Clothing. Additionally, we are introducing white polo shirts bearing the Westridge logo to replace the white, button-down dress shirts.

How does the quality and sizing of Visible Clothing compare to current Mills Uniforms?
Visible is committed to matching and/or exceeding the quality of uniforms produced by Mills Uniform Company. A pilot group of Westridge students have worn Visible’s skirts over the last few months and have been impressed by the quality.

Can I see the uniforms?
Sample zero-waste uniforms will be available for viewing during the WPA General Meeting on March 10th and Co-Founder Andy Lower will be available to answer any further questions.

Are you getting feedback on the uniforms from the Westridge community?
Yes, we have been working with staff as well as newly created parent task force to ensure that we are getting thoughts and opinions from the community. A new student task force will also be launched shortly to ensure that not only are we hearing the opinions of students, but that we exploring educational opportunities to collaborate with students. Visible will also be spending more time collaborating with the WPA to ensure that the process of producing and delivering these uniforms is as effective and impactful as possible.

How bad are the environmental issues in the clothing sector?
The issues are objectively bad. Really bad. The clothing and textile industry being one of the largest polluters in the world. According to the UN, nearly 20% of global wastewater and 10% of global carbon emissions are produced by the fashion industry, and every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned.

What is behind the name Visible?
Many other production processes in this industry are not made public, but we make our process and the people behind it visible so you can be confident that you are contributing to a better world with every purchase.

What does it mean to be 'zero waste'?
Our production process ensures that every piece of fabric that enters the tailoring center leaves in a finished product. We offer customers the opportunity to decide what they want to do with the waste and to choose from the various different products that our team makes. All the fabric is used, even down to the threads that are made into the pulp to that a local partner makes into paper.

What does it mean to be fair trade?
Visible is committed to the ethical treatment of garment workers our fair trade mission can be summed up in the age old philosophy of “treating others the way we want to be treated.”. We apply this to our internal interactions, policies, and procedures, and customer service interactions. Visible is a member of the Fair Trade Federation USA and the Fair Trade Forum of India.

How can I learn more about Visible Clothing’s factory and production process? More information about the specifics of their process can be found on our website Visible Clothing, and additional information is also available on our in-house brand Eternal Creation

Will I be able to order from Visible throughout the year/at other times?
Yes. Visible Clothing uniforms will be available to order at any time of year, beginning March 5, 2020.

Will Visible uniform options be sold in the Tiger Tail Boutique?
No. Visible Clothing will be operating in collaboration with the Westridge Parent Association (WPA) but independent of the school; to purchase a uniform, all families must place an online order through the Visible website. However, sample uniforms from Visible will be made available for students and families to view at Tiger Tail Boutique on sale days throughout the school year. A pop-up shop with samples for viewing will also take place outside the Commons during student lunch periods in March (more info on this coming soon).